Sunday, February 7, 2010

cakes shoes and converses?

Did you catch Sophia Coppola's little joke in the film? I almost didn't because I was so mesmerized by all the custom-made Manolo's.

This been a sweet weekend, surrounded by white powdery snow. I'm off to make red velvet cupcakes.

Next week is Valentines Day. And I've never looked forward to it more.


Vivian said...

oooh such pretty images... little joke?? please tell!!! xxxxx

seasonal lust said...

vivian: look at the image on the top right. there's a pair of converses behind her. =)

Hooded Top said...

Gorgeous pics! Great blog!

Des Moines car accident lawyer said...

I love this! The movie wasn't my favorite, but it was eye candy to the fullest. I love marie antoinette influenced anything! And, no I had never seen those converses. So awesome.

Helen Neely said...

Lovely blog. I will subscribe to your RSS to keep tab on the latest posts.

Great blog btw :)