Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm going and you cant stop me

Life moves too fast for me at times that I desperately need to pull on the brakes. Time for a vacation, I say. Heading off to New York tomorrow for a 3-day Valentine weekend.

The fundraiser is going well. Ticket sales are up, but what frustrates me is procrastination. Why is it human nature to wait till the last minute? Why? The only time we have is now.

Misikko, one of my sponsors of this blog is donating 4 pink flat iron (worth about $195 each) to my event. The generosity of others continue to astound me. Maybe it's because I expect nothing.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get the time to do what (/who) you love.



Tammy said...

So nice that Missiko donated the flat iron! I have a Hana travel Flat Iron that I got through them, and I love it so much! Best of luck on your fundraising.

Tayyaba said...

Your blog is SO interesting and fun to read =)

OneLifeLiveIt said...

I found your blog by clicking through a few 'next blogs'.

I love the picture you have used as your main image.

Will have to have a good look at some of your old postings.