Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the travel bug

My brain is on vacation. I am slacking and I LOVE IT! Productivity has gone on strike and just about every other day I go on www.slh.com to check out what amazing hotels they have in some magical foreign land (Marrakesh, anyone?). The pictures above are from the Mykonos Grand Hotel in Greece.

Time to take a break and get some cupcakes.

Lazy this week.


Vivian said...

Dreamy pictures... I, too, want to escape to a land... surrounded by turquoise waters!

Servant of the Most High said...


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Lokadhikar said...

writing from India.

Brilliant presentation and design of the Blog.

Very artistic indeed from choice of fonts to placement of images to everything else.

champagne kisses said...

Beautiful pix xoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Was planning to go to Santorini this June but had to cancel because I got laid off. But Mykonos looks awesome! Haven fun and I'll live vicariously through your trips!

Rūta said...

Everything looks so clean, a perfect world.