Wednesday, March 16, 2011


to jumpstart our palettes; a light tomato soup

Appetizer: UOVO, cauliflower, barley, prosciutto, farm egg, lambic, beets

My pasta dish: STRACCI DI PASTA, squid ink pasta, cuttlefish, pearl onions, swiss chard
this dish was so eccentric and amazing!!

His dish: AGNOLOTTI, pumpkin filled saffron pasta, lobster, tear drop tomato, mascarpone

 Shared dish: ANATRA, smoked duck breast, leg confit, foie gras bon-bon, broccoli rabe, fingerling potatoes

  Another palette cleanser. I think it was spinach ice cream or something

Dessert: PROFITEROL, typical Marsala mousse with valrhona bitter chocolate sauce

This was way back on Valentine's Day, as the lover is obviously in Shanghai working at the moment.

68 Clinton St # 1
New York, NY 10002

(212) 253-1960

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love-aholic said...

I just realized I'm walking distance from this place yet I've never ventured in. The dessert looks so yummy as does the duck :) I will make it my next date place haha. Hope you're having fun traveling<3