Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunsetting in July I’m gonna fade ‘em away

Michelle invited us over for some mint juleps with fresh mint and basil from her neighborhood garden. Whenever there is a surplus seasonal supply, Michelle tends to have at it and share the wealth with us lucky ones.

The true sign of organic gardening; caterpillar bites on the leaves.

An edamame/wasabi spread with fried wonton skins and sea salt.

Fresh flowers from the garden.

My mean mug.
Happy mid-summer.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Samoyed my heart

How beautiful is this dog? I think I am in love. This breed is called a Samoyed. I saw one of these in Beijing and immediately fell in love. This one was spotted at our hotel in Singapore, and it further turned my heart into mush. I am so obsessed with his beautiful coat of white fluffy fur. When I was growing up, our family dog was a Samoyed and it was the sweetest dog, very gentle, very protective. Samoyeds love babies and are super nurturing. It grew pretty large to the point that I could ride on its back (as a toddler).

hello, Bali {picture recap}

These flowers would fall into the pool over night and in the morning they would just be floating in the water, saying hi.

Our first villa that we stayed at with 2.5 others.

Welcome drinks. Why thank you.

Drinks by the sea. Bali has lots of places like this. In fact, its full of nothing but places like this. Or maybe that's just our itinerary.

Good morning.

The beaches were subpar, despite their (sometimes) pretentious surroundings. 

Another beautiful hotel.  

Breathtaking view!

Our second villa, for just the two of us. 

A more substantial update will come later. As soon as I stop feeling lazy.