Monday, November 28, 2011

my turn at ombre hair

I know, I know.... its so two/three seasons ago, but your girl isn't one to jump on trends as soon as they come out. I say I'm a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to these things. I am always aware of new trends, and when its a major one, like ombre hair, I like to wait it out to see if it has lasting powers beyond trend status before I adopt it as my own. Maybe it's because I've been watching too much Hart of Dixie lately (the one with Rachel Bilson) or I am in desperate need of a change as my hair is currently in that strange transitioning phase between short and long hair (It's not quite short, but not quite long yet.) but I definitely think ombre hair is here to stay. It's a great highlighting technique that really brightens up your face.

I'm a control freak, so I hate leaving the fate of my hair in a stranger's hand. Did this at home with Loreal's Frost & Design (make sure you pick the one compatible with your current hair color, ie for dark to light brown, etc). I split the mix in half and used the first half to highlight half of my ends, waited about half an hour, mixed the second half and applied to the lower half of my the already highlighted ends (if that makes any sense) to obtain a brighter blonde towards the bottom. The top image looks brassy due to the yellow lighting of my bedroom, but the package came with a purple toner, which is supposed to counter-act brassiness, and it did the trick. I'm so happy with the results, considering that I was pretty haphazard in my application. The whole process took me less than an hour.

It's a quick, effective and almost non-committal change because you can always dye your hair again. So far, I've been loving it! You can always send me an email or hit me up on formspring if you have any further questions.


look at the skies

“You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance and write and read and suffer and understand, for all that is life.”

- J. Krishnamurti

Monday Dreaming

Happy Monday, everyone.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011


110 South 13th Street  Philadelphia, PA 19107-4532
(215) 546-9300
3 out of 5 stars

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hipsters Paradise; Warby Parker Returns to Philadelphia!

Been meaning to try out their glasses in their NYC showroom, but I never got around to it. So when I heard they were returning to Philidelphia, I had to drag the lover with me. I've known about Warby Parker, for a while now, but the lover was absolutely impressed when he found out that their glasses were only $95, including prescription. Not to mention they have 1) an awesome home try on program that's free of charge and 2) for every pair that you buy, they give one to someone in need. I had a blast the the party and even found a great new pair for myself. As for the lover, he couldn't get enough and may be getting more than a few pairs.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Glamour picture; Taiwanese edition

Whenever my girl friends return from Asia, they always bring back a barrage of glamour shots. Some are ridiculously dated (hello track pants and newsboy hats) and some are just breathtaking. To get the latter, you have to do your research and be willing to fork over more dough and half of an entire day. I had seen a bunch of places in China that we're fairly affordable, but I knew the aesthetic that I wanted (extreme glam, but maybe still acceptable to look at in 10 years) and China wasn't going to deliver. So when I got to Taipei, knowing their rich entertainment industry and Japanese cultural influence, not to mention non-third world status, I pounced on my first foray into the world of Asian glamour shots.

Where did I go? A place called "White Ladder." it's my understanding that they have many locations throughout Taiwan and each vary slightly in quality. If you stick to Taipei, you get the more modern looks and wider selections.

My experience was amazing! I arrived bare faced and hideous and sat helplessly in my make up chair, watching my unassuming make up artist transform me into a oiran, from the movie Sakuran (highly recommended movie!).

Below is my take of Kiyoha (the protagonist) and Anna Tsuchiya's Kiyoha from the movie's poster.

Shoe dilemma

Cannot decide between these two pairs for this winter. :(

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the songs of our youth

Someone once stated that I couldn't be paid a million dollars to live without music for the rest of my life. I might as well be deaf. I've managed to preserve all the songs I have ever listened to since high school, backing-up the files from my past 3 PC's and laptops to present day. And oh how the songs have accumulated. I spent all last night loading everything onto my iPhone, and have been on a mental walk backwards through the past. There are some songs that perfectly encapsulate certain periods in my life, from the more carefree days (Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie...freshman year of college), puppy love emo days (The Fray - All at Once, Damien Rice and any Dashboard Confessional...oh so emo) that I have completely forgotten about. 

If olfactory is the strongest sense linked to memory, I have to say that music is its competitive sibling. 

The songs of my youth were all but forgotten until today. Hearing them again, with completely new perspective and experience, each memory is renew and takes on new meaning. It feels a little bit like closure with the past.

You are the afterglow, You are the midnight show