Friday, January 20, 2012

umm...what?! Versace for H&M Cruise not available stateside

I just saw this by chance because I am obsessed with Instagram and saw someone overseas showcasing their purchase. They made other prints, but I've taken a liking to this fruity Chiquita girl print of their's. So once again, the US gets left out of more cool shit, like the second release of Versace for H&M (Cruise Collection). It's not like I would even be able to get my hands on one of these because we all know the ebay hoarders (oh excuse me, and true fashionsitas) get in line about 50 hours before store opening and ebaying it later will just leave you dead broke. These stupid designer collections that are priced for the 99% of us are a test of dedication of how enslaved we are to labels and enthralled by the thought of "limited editions."

I digress. I'm just mad that label-whores stateside were not given the same opportunity to throw more money on useless overpriced clothing, all for a chance to wear the name Versace [for H&M].

Someone is winning today, and it's not US.

Winter is not cute

It's nearly impossible for me to look stylish and nonchalant when I'm freezing my kneecaps off. So I opt for cute and cozy instead (or so I hope!). But seriously, mad props to those fashion bloggers in socks and open toes, or a mini and stockings, looking impeccable and unaffected by chilling winds. Fashion is pain, but they sure make it look effortless. Yea, not gonna happen here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spiked case

Some say it may be hard to hold but honestly, does that really matter when it just looks tres badass? Testing out a few DIY spike cases.

rainbow hair

Can I pull this off, even if I have a full time job? A girl can dream.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

in case you missed this

All the more reasons to get an iPhone if you don't have one.
I want just about every single one of these fantastically beautiful, often times simple, cases.

Available for purchase at Society6.

Best discovery I ever made.

Monday, January 9, 2012

worth the waiting.

Oh I was absolutely in love with these as soon as my eyes fell on them. Wrote about them back in March 2011, before my trip to Paris/Asia. Good thing I waited, because as I was updating my blog, the link for the old entry came up. Out of curiosity I clicked on the merchant link that I put up, and to my surprised the last shoes in my size were on sale for $37. Down from $122. On top of that, they have free shipping to all US destinations. How perfect was that.

[for sale] Burberry Haymarket Tall Equestrian print rainboots

A classic staple in every girl's closet. I just bought a new pair of Hunters, so I'm selling these.
Gently pre-owned, worn probably a total of 10 times (only when it rains), these are in great condition. No stains, cuts, marks or odor. Inner soles are still intact, comes with original box.

Size 37 (Italian), 6US

Selling for $99. orginal price $185.

Email me if serious. Paypal only. You pay for shipping.

Updated: I finally got around to posting images of the soles. It's wet from being run under the tap. Very little wear. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Inner Ugly

This post is not about inner beauty nor embracing it. It is about my encounter with someone with a [glaring] lack thereof. A note about your intuition; It is always right! I use to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and I hate that phrase because it falsely gives positive connotations to, essentially, ignoring your gut feelings. Don't do it.

Insecurity comes in many many forms. And if you have what they lack, they will be more attracted to you. We are drawn to those who have what we wish existed in ourselves. That and those with similar hurts. Sometimes contradictory, but never mutually exclusive. This one, came in the guise of unconditional encouragement and compliments.

Synopsis: Met the sweetest girl who sniffs me out from mutual friends and Facebook. She bestows and disarms with compliments upon compliments like it was as abundant as cheap wine. This should have been my first clue. But I give her the benefit of the doubt and try not to be that paranoid weirdo.

Fast forward to months later at a party she willingly offers her place for. But none of her friends are there, only mines. She showers them with affection like they had been her best friend all her life. Then as the night progresses, and an intensive amount of alcohol consumed, the veil slowly melts away like the heavy make up upon her face. Indescribable & indecent things occur. At first I turn away, but it quickly becomes apparent to everyone at the party and no one could overlook, no matter how hard they tried. there was no attempt at discretion.

I was shocked and appalled. Confused, I decided to sleep on it. Shocked that such behavior came from a woman, I lost just about all my respect for her. I do hold women to a certain standard and even higher ones of my friends. Needless to say, after much discussion I severed our ties. She promptly cancelled another party she was hosting just for me and my friends (sketchy much?) though there were still 3 other parties still for 3 others and just their friends...

So I got a glimpse of the toothy drooling monster that was always there, right beneath the surface, and all I wanted to do was run. Something inside me felt disgusted at the sight of her glaring flaws rather than empathy. Sure, pity was an afternote, but I failed to understand her desperation and lack of self respect.

Had I just failed a friend? Did I abandon someone who was essentially crying out for help/attention? The truth is, I did myself a favor. At the end of the day, she was not a close friend/core member. For the sake of my own sanity and self preservation, I decided this was not a battle worth fighting. I am also not presumptuous enough to think that I could help her.

At the prime of our adulthood, we are all so busy with our own issues and projects that we just don't have time to sort out another person's baggage. I would like to think that most of us have learnt how to cope and evolve from our past hurts by now, but if we have not, I think insurance will cover therapy.

End point, no one has time to fix you. Learn or find a therapist.

2012: demon(s) free year. Theirs and mine.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vanessa Carlton - I Don't Want To Be A Bride - HQ w/ Lyrics

sweetest song ever. almost perfectly describes how much i love him and why i dont want a wedding. just a pretty pretty ring.

Soft as a baby's bottom

Just treated my Olympus EPL-2 to a lovely handcrafted case. I am absolutely in love with the color, texture, and craftsmanship. The white body of the camera tends to get a bit dirty over time so this case is the perfect chic solution.

Case from

Monday, January 2, 2012


It's only been about 48 hours, but I hope the new year has been as eye-opening for you as it has been for me. I usually don't believe the inaugural resolutions but somehow the idea has adhere itself into my consciousness. Does calling them "goal"s change their function or improve their success rate? I digress.

So here I am, doing the cliche. Here are my new goals for 2012:

-To exorcise the ghosts of my past. I am a sentimental person, but sometimes I tend to dwell on past hurts a little too much. This unhealthy habit must go.

-To continue to read more.

-To fill that darn canvas.

-To finish every project that I start.

-To take more trips far away.

-To find that balance.

-To trim down that "friendslist" even more.

-To lose my yearning for material possessions. Or at lease lessen it.

I wish you all a love filled, prosperous and eventful 2012. Important lessons will be learned and mistakes be made. Just make sure they are new ones.