Tuesday, May 29, 2012

high noon

Boyfriend's Uniqlo sweater, Blumarine lace/knitted top, Lacoste vintage high waisted shorts, gucci purse (might as well be vintage), zara flats.

Those shorts. My half-sister in Paris passed these down to me. She wore them in her youth (and she was amazing and a total wanderlust) and loved them. They sat in my closet for a few years before I found the courage to wear them. One must be super tiny in the waist and not mind their thighs at certain angles to pull off such a thing. Hence why it took me a while.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Electric Daisy Festival - New York

In front of Alesso's set this past Saturday. 

I did not think my EDM massive experience could get better after Ultra in Miami, but EDC New York topped it. I have to attribute it to the group that we went with. There were about 30 of us and we have all known each other for years, through friend of friends, various previous parties and social circles. When attending a massive with a group of friend that you feel comfortable around and know pretty well, the experience is so much better than just going with acquaintances. There's not much I can say to describe the feeling, but we all bonded over the music. I cannot wait to go again. =)

To all my friends going to EDC in Las Vegas, have wonderful and safe time.

Rave on my little ravers <3

Monday, May 14, 2012

Philip Lim 3.1 Silk Top

Found the most precious silk top from Philip Lim 3.1 the other day. Light an airy, perfect for the uprising heat.

We went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and I got to see Monet's Lily's in person.

A closer look (and instagrammed photo) of the top's delicate details & just the right amount of studs to make this girly top a bit edgy.


Why Fashion Was not for Me, aka So, You Want A Fashion Internship

Two years ago I left my stable, and very cushioned job of 3 years and headed up to New York City for an internship in fashion public relations with Big PR Agency (pseudonym). Why it took me three years of mind-numbing boredom to finally break free still boggles my mind. So I took the plunge and it was about time. My friends and family were very supportive, admiring my courage. Looking back, I have to say that it does take courage to drop every thing and go after what you want. People rarely do this. The idea is simple enough, but the first steps are very scary.

I blogged very little about the whole experience, but if you look around, I am sure you can find some recaps.

So what happened? The experience was amazing and my first few weeks were an absolute dream as I got to work backstage during New York Fashion Week, walk past velvet ropes and was privy to what happened 'behind the scene.' The hours were long, sometimes the people (with egos) were rude, but to live and breath what you always dreamed of...well that joy is incomparable. I met/saw so many celebrities & designers; Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Amanda Seyfried (she's really petite!), Thom Browne, Monique Lhuillier....the list goes on. Don't get me started on all the free perks and gifts.

Then reality set in. I quickly realized that there is no money in fashion pr, not unless you've made it to the top of the ladder (by shamelessly brown-nosing, or aggressively networking). Don't get me wrong, if you are doing what you love, money should not be an issue. But I am talking about enough money to just get by in Manhattan. Girls who were in entry to mid level positions were barely breaking 30K. I remember a mid-level girl once mentioning in passing about an opening in another design house, stating, "They are offering 35K. That's really high for this industry." Another girl in our office constantly gripped about needing to find a second job. She was in her early 30's and barely making it by. A few other girls had second jobs.

If you are at the bottom of the ladder, you are literally doing bitch work. Let's just call this position the bottom bitch. The bottom bitches hardly make enough to cover rent, but they have to put in long hours to prove their dedication. Overtime pay is unheard of and paid dinners do not exist here. The girl that hired me averaged over 10 hours a day. The good news is turnover is very high here so jobs open up fast, but a significant pay raise is not. The CEO or owners profit most of the company's earnings. The crumbs then drip down slowly.

You can easily see how the bottom bitches can grow to become resentful. But it is a rite of passage almost; to be slaving away until you get promoted to a higher position. The question then becomes, how long can you survive on such scant income and long hours in such a city?

The fashion industry runs on interns; wide-eyed naive little things who followed Fashion Toast and read Vogue as a child. There are hundreds of girls like them, all eager, some willing to do anything to land the job. There are surpluses of interns in New York, and the fashion world exploits their naive dreams. So the bottom bitches have these girls at their disposal.

I worked hard because I knew I wanted this, but then I realized that this thing that I wanted, it wasn't as rewarding as I thought it would be. The girls I was working with in the positions that I was vying for were so very bitter. They were not happy and you could see it on their faces just about every day, through every interaction. They were miserable and I refused to turn into that. I had left a miserable job that did pay well, so I wasn't going to trade it for another sad one that paid next to nothing. A position opened up and I was told that I would be interviewed for it. This never happened (fashion people are a bit flaky and socially awkward I think. You could just call them liars.) and the spot was filled up without my knowledge. Let's just say that the fashion world does not operate on the same professional level as the corporate world. Then I was offered a freelance position at the end of my internship that paid less than the job I had back in college ( Bonus: no overtime, just bitch work). I respectfully declined.

My love of fashion was still there. It never faded. My brief experience with fashion pr only made me love fashion even more. But I realized that there were different ways to be in the fashion industry than in pr. Since then, I took a hiatus to Paris, then lived in Shanghai for two months as a freelance contributing writer, traveling around Asia for one month. I returned home to attend my girl friend's wedding as her Maid of Honor.

For now I am working as a freelance consultant. Still traveling endlessly.

I have a new found respect for the girls in fashion pr. It is a job that requires blood, sweat and tears every day. It is a thankless job and if you can hold on to who you are, if you can promise yourself that it won't make you bitter or resentful or change you as a person, then I encourage you to pursue it and not to let any thing deter you.

What I want to say to you the most, is that it is perfectly alright to blindly pursue your dreams, dropping everything else until you get it. You may fail, or your dreams could likely turn out to be not exactly as you envisioned. It may not fit you in the end. But I hope that you will allow yourself to try again. If not at the same dreams, then a new endeavor. To realize that failing is a part of life is to be able to fearlessly pursue every goal you have ever had. In life, you will probably fail more than you will succeed, but there is no such thing as failing if you gained experience & strength from it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Golf fashion

Sorry for the uncreative title. I've been going to the driving range for the last two days. I find it really relaxing and a great way to release stress. Your obliques and triceps also get a good workout as well.

Lucky for me, I have a great instructor (the lover) who is really good at teaching me the basics. Despite all that, my arms still flail around comically.

{for sale} Sam Edelman Zoe Boot size 6

Lusted over, blogged to death and an utterly rad footwear staple. The Sam Edelman Zoe Boot features a removable quilted leather harness with silver buckles, covered wedge heel and zip entry at ankle. Perfect paired with a body-con dress or cropped skinnies! These pretty much sell out as soon as they are restocked anywhere.

 * Leather + fabric upper
 * Removable harness detailing
 * Approx. 3" shaft
 * Approx. 5" heel with 1.25" hidden platform

Practically new condition, worn a few times. Inside soles are clean, no scuffs.

Currently on sale at Nastygal for $198 (Yep, that's where I got the images too lol). You can have them for $100E-mail me at seasonal.lust@gmail.com only if serious. Buyer pays for shipping. All payments must be made through PayPal.

{SOLD} Thank you!

Sam Edelman Zoe Boots, Black size 6US

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{for sale} Pristine Dior double saddle gaucho bag in blue

Description from pursebag.com:  it resembles an actual saddle and features just the right amount of western detail (check out the buckles on the flap and handle). Inside, you’ll find plenty of room, including two spacious compartments with zippered pockets. Of course, a bag this hot and trendy doesn’t come cheap. Christian Dior’s Gaucho Double Saddle Bag is $1995 at eluxury.com.

Vintage Dior Gaucho

JPEGbay.com - free eBay hosting

This bag is in pristine condition and has been well loved. There are no scuffs or external/internal damage. Bag is made of supple calf leather with a tan trim of lambskin. Hardware is of vintage'd silver. I haven't worn it in forever and think it deserves a more loving home and more regular use.

Selling for $1,299 with original receipt and authenticity card. E-mail me at seasonal.lust@gmail.com only if serious. Buyer pays for shipping. All payments must be made through PayPal.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet

Have you guys heard of this show? Click that link to watch the episode screen-capped above with Lady Gaga. I wish I had thought of this. To be able to sit down with some of the most inspirational and wonderful women and listen to their wisdom and experiences. It's about damn time.

Lady Gaga admits to using coke and how that affected her as an artist. She talks about love and her parents and finding a man who doesn't believe in divorce, who believes in "sticking it out." I admire her so much already.

"The reconstruction of your soul as a woman is a life long endeavor and journey. It's forever."
-Lady Gaga

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ultra Music Festival in Miami and the EDM-er's Isolation

We stayed at the Intercontinental, which was at the base of UMF. You can see the Main Stage from our window, while they projected images off the side of our hotel. The bass would wake us up at 11am every day as we were still asleep.

It was my first time and it was easily one of the best experiences of my life. What's funny is that this time last year, I could not be caught dead listening to EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Somehow it just creeps up on you. I had some friends who were listening to it then and they were so entranced in it, which freaked me out. Their passion for it was cult-like, and they would travel across the country to attend these EDM festivals in large groups. It did seem like a good bonding experience, but most cults are.

During Afrojack's set

Me on right in my neon duds.

And then it happened. First with Guetta. I think the credit for everyone's first dabble into EDM has to be given to Guetta, even though true EDM freaks absolutely hate him  (snobs). His music has a broad appeal, which makes it very accessible. You probably heard him first on the radio. From there, you get deeper in the rabbit hole and start listening to ATB (rediscovering his old songs), Dash Berlin, Avicii, and if you are brave, dubstep. I love dubstep and I owe Skrillex's set at UMF for that.

Madonna did show up.

So Ultra Music Festival (UMF) is a three day event in Miami, Florida that caps off the Winter Music Conference (WMC) which has been around for over a decade or two (something like that). The top DJ's from around the world play here from 11am to midnight each day with multiple stages throughout the festival, accompanied by mind blowing light productions.


What I now understand about EDM is that it is an experience akin to religious faith; it is very personal. You can't explain it to others, you have to experience it for yourself, and when you do it changes your life. You listen to music differently, you almost see the world differently. And once you've been enlightened by a certain truth that only so few are privilege to, you feel the isolation. You feel the urge to share, so you blast your music, scaring your friends away. They just don't get it. And it's such a shame.


A very dedicated festival goer.

That's why you travel across the country to attend these massive festival gatherings with those who 'get it.' You are alive for the remainder of the festival, among those who share the same passion as you, music and life flowing through your veins, held up by lasers and the bass. The DJ is your priest and he delivers a sermon that never fails to inspire. Life is good.

That's Paul Van Dyk in the back, keeping the party going till 6am.

On the last day of UMF in front of the A State of Trance tent. The best tent at UMF.

The Ultra logo.

Paul Oakenfold at the H50 rooftop pool party.

Pictures will never do it justice.

When the festival ends, you return back to normal life, back into darkness. Until the next massive.

See you kids at Electric Daisy Carnival in New York!