Wednesday, September 23, 2009

407 Jade from Chanel

DC doesn't get the color in until about 3 weeks from now, even though it debuted on September 10th. There's only one Chanel boutique in my area. Luckily, the Soho boutique in New York had them already, so the lover picked me up 2 bottles. I am loving the sweet unassuming color. It's surprisingly fresh and soothing to the eye. Thinking about wearing it all year long, as my signature color. Black Satin is so passé. It's all about Jade.

Good news!
You can purchase the color online at Chanel's website here.


Winona said...

I like how the color makes your hand look really pale, although I thought it kind of looked better in the bottle than when I tried it on. But whatever, it will, like you said, absolutely be the signature nail polish of the season..!

Anonymous said...

I bought OPIS matte, but I don't know, think I still like the effect of glossy laquer. but it's a sweet and fresh new colour for autumn, though it's traditional "spring" look.

Hi Maintenance said...

Do you want to sell it?? Its always sold out on the website :((((

Anonymous said...

There is one available on Ebay now: