Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 years from now

excerpt from my tumblr when I did a silly questionnaire. its juvenile, but the kid in me enjoyed it very much.

37. Your life 10 years from now: exactly 10 years from now in this moment I will be cuddling in bed with the most comfortable person on earth who can swoop me up with his big arms. we read in bed together. we have two puppies and maybe a few children. we own a french press and he picks up croissants from the shop around the corner. we have this weird obsession with camping and outdoorsy scenic mountain ranges. we like Halloween and hot chocolate a little too much for grown adults. we pretend to collect wine like we know what we're doing. we each have jobs that we love that do not take up all of our time, but affords us the comfort to make time for our kids and travel. lots of travel. we've perfected homemade flat bread pizza...

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